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CERN support the international PhD programm in field of cryogenics.

CERN support the international PhD programm in field of cryogenics.

Topic: 15 open PhD positions in Marie-Curie program presently offered.

To whom it may concern:  Well prepared and skilled students, preferably passed throught European Course of Cryogenics. Last year students or just finished their studies and are presently looking for PhD opportunity.


Within a Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN project, recently approved by Brussels  (EASITrain Innovative Training Network), not less than 15 PhD positions are presently announced. 
Leadinis CERN, issues are improved superconducting components and high-efficient cryogenic cooling solutions for a next generation of ultra-large accelerator rings.

Each position will be a 36 month appointment, starting early 2018. Deadline for application is Oct. 2, 2017. Details are given here:

On the CERN Site: http://jobs.web.cern.ch/job/12523 

On EASITrain Public website: http://easitrain.web.cern.ch/Vacancies.html 

According to eligibility rules, the applicants - among other restriction - may not come from the country of the respective hosting institution, and not have already started a PhD thesis.

Remarks: it will be a hard competition. Unless application forms are not fitted perfectly and without respective pre-knowledge the chances might be quite low.